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★ Overcome Adversity and Improve Your Life ★

10 Things To Remember If You Feel Like Giving Up


Life can get pretty overwhelming at times.

But, even when all around you appears dreary and hopeless, it’s important to know that the sun will rise again and that there will be much better days ahead. Many people have faced seemingly unbeatable challenges, and somehow ended up victorious, and you can too. It might not make sense to you right now, but there is a version of you somewhere in the future who has already overcome the challenges that afflict you today. 

That version of you is content, stable and wiser after having overcome great difficulties. And that version of you looks back at the present moment in fond reflection that better days finally came your way, because you are no longer stuck in that dark place. One day, you will arrive at the destiny of the future version of you, and you will revel in peace and security that the life you live is so much better than it used to be. And everything will feel just as it should. Even your greatest tragedy can become your greatest triumph when hope is on the horizon.

Today is your chance to reinvigorate your life with the clarity, purpose and happiness that you deserve. And in this course, you’ll be learning the 10 Things You Need To Remember If You Feel Like Giving Up. This book will discuss heavy topics such as abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, and more. Please proceed with caution if any of these themes may be potentially triggering to you. We have endeavoured to explore all topics covered with consideration, compassion and care, and we believe that you will benefit from listening. […]

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In this book, you’ll save yourself from a lifetime of regret by learning the 70 most important lessons that the older version of you is desperate for you to know today.

Having interviewed several people above the age of 70, we’ve extracted the most pertinent advice on how life ought to be lived.

We’ll explore seven key areas that deserved your attention: Health, People, Love, Wealth, Living, Warnings, and Self.

Every chapter is teeming with lots of illustrations, stories, poetry and engaging content. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy learning the “70 Things Your 70-Year-Old Self Wants You To Know.”

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“10 Things To Remember If You Feel Like Giving Up” is packed with lots of carefully crafted illustrations (see below). Our illustrations tend to be of a light-hearted, humorous yet informative nature — matching the style of writing and the content of our best-selling audio courses.

Audio Course

The audio course, “10 Things To Remember If You Feel Like Giving Up”, was first broadcast on Listenable, where it became a best-selling production, the top trending course, and the most popular course out of over 500 on the platform. It has since been adapted and distributed to other platforms such as Knowable, Omnicourse, Alpe Audio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

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Gain an insight into how bleak situations can be resolved by seeing the bigger picture.

Get an insight into what to do when you’re facing a seemingly unbeatable foe.

Problems come in various shapes and forms. In this chapter, you will learn the importance of broadening your mind to the ubiquity of adversity.

Learn the art of finding happiness in a way that is pure and personal.

Explore the beauty of transformation through trauma.

Learn about how to maintain a harmonious mind through emotional clarity.

Find balance by seeking peace within tumultuous and stressful situations.

When you feel like there is no way forward, keep hope on your horizon. In this lesson, we will explore the temporary nature of problems and how you can find healing in the process.

Hear from notable figures who have triumphed over their trials and tests.

In this final episode, we take a deep look into the most valuable gift that life has to offer and why you need to be mindful of your own brilliance and beauty.
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