The Joy of Simple Pleasures

No matter where you are, or who you are, what you do or what you’ve done, you have the joy of experiencing some of life’s greatest little pleasures.


In the whirlwind and chaos of life, it’s easy to get distracted or disheartened, and to fail to notice the small wonderful things. So here’s your chance. Take a few minutes to reflect today on 20 of life’s simple pleasures.


  1. The sound of dog’s paws on a wooden floor.
  2. The first blanket of fresh snow.
  3. Watermelon slices on a hot day.
  4. When you’re really into a really good novel.
  5. Coming back from a long week at work, and snuggling up on your couch to watch your favourite show.
  6. Having fresh bedsheets.
  7. The smell of a freshly cut lawn in the summer.
  8. The sound of blackbirds chirping in the morning.
  9. When someone you love loves you back equally as much.
  10. The smell of brand new car.
  11. Eating stray McDonald’s French fries that have spilled around the bag.
  12. Walking barefoot on grass.
  13. Snow days at school.
  14. When you’ve been craving a really good sleep, and you finally get it.
  15. Blowing a huge bubble and marveling at all the colours and iridescences until it pops.
  16. Puppy breath
  17. Having the perfect haircut and looking awesome on a day when your friends will see you.
  18. The smell of popcorn at the cinema.
  19. When you were freaking out because you lost your wallet at the gym, but a good samaritan gave it in to lost and found.
  20. Waking up early before everyone, and getting tasks done early, feeling productive and focussed.
  21. When you stretch and it feels like you’re almost about to pass out.
  22. A really comforting hug from someone you cherish, coming at a time when you really need it.
  23. Watching a child be care-free, silly, adventurous and fully themselves.
  24. The feeling of unnwrapping the foil from a chocolate bar.
  25. The sound of a Pringles Can popping, and the gentle suggestion of flavour that you can smell when you put the can near your nose.

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