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★ Life Lessons To Improve Your Relationships and Love Life ★

21 Ways You’re Loving Wrong


Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, one of the most notable writers in the European Romantic era, more commonly recognised by her pen name, “George Sand”, delivered some timeless wisdom to the world, when she said:

“There is only one happiness in this world… to LOVE and to BE LOVED.” And the scholarly Greek Philosopher Aristotle, in his efforts to describe that wonderful, magical and other-worldly quality that we all know as “love”, put it rather beautifully when he said that: “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

Both of these quotes definitely touch the heart, but you gotta admit, that man Aristotle suuuuure had a way with words! He must have been a total babe magnet back in the day! Now, perhaps you’d think that with something as amazing as love, people would put the time, energy and effort into getting it right, right? Well… nope. Sadly, you’d be… wrong.A lot of people do not make the effort. And rather depressingly, most of us are loving in completely wrong ways, and these days, you’d been joining a long list of sorrowful souls who have come to believe that “real love” is an unattainable prize.

Let’s take a look at the facts. A study conducted by Siemens found that a whopping 73% of people are merely “making do” in their relationships, but don’t realy feel much “love” at all. For all you mathematics nerds out there, if we put this into perspective, it means that if you and your spouse go to a dinner with another couple – statistically-speaking – only one person out of the four of you at that table is actually in love. That’s so crazy… and so sad at the same time! Now, you might be saying to yourself right now, “who even cares?… life ain’t The Notebook or High School Musical!”. […]

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In this book, you’ll learn the key areas that your relationships and family life may need some improvement in.

We’ll explore seven key areas that deserved your attention: Perception, Behaviour, Ego, Identity, Vitality, Fallacy, and Turmoil.

Every chapter is teeming with lots of illustrations, stories, poetry and engaging content. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy learning the “21 Ways You’re Loving Wrong.”

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“21 Ways You’re Loving Wrong” is packed with over lots of carefully crafted illustrations (see below). Our illustrations tend to be of a light-hearted, humorous yet informative nature — matching the style of writing and the content of our best-selling audio courses.

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The audio course, “21 Ways You’re Loving Wrong”, was first broadcast on Listenable, where it became a best-selling production, the top trending course, and the most popular course out of over 500 on the platform. It has since been adapted and distributed to other platforms such as Knowable, Omnicourse, Alpe Audio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

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Take this vital step in getting to know the mistaken beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing real love.

Get to grips with the wrongful beliefs affected how you behave in your love life.

Learn the ways that your ego is effecting your relationships.

What is love? In this chapter, you’ll get to know the right from wrong in how you’re looking at your love life.

Explore the incorrect approaches to keeping love alive that ultimately don’t work.

Learn the most pertinent perspectives of love that may leave you astray.

The final chapter covers the distressing outcomes that can emerge in relationships, and how to handle them.

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