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★ Life Lessons and Life Hacks To Save You From A Lifetime of Regret ★

70 Things Your 70-Year-Old Self Wants You To Know


The legendary Irish playwright, George Bernard Shaw, famously said that “youth is wasted on the young”.

And you can bet that he didn’t reach this sacred wisdom until the very day that his own hair went grey, and the deep wrinkles started to set in on his face. That’s to say, Mr Shaw had in all likelihood spent several years on this planet before he realised this sobering reality for himself – as is so often the case for us most people, as they age. That’s the problem with being young, free and none-the-wiser.

You’re more likely to arrive at the most important realisations of life once it’s too late to actually put them into practice. The opportunity of youth is like a great, big, shiny ship passing by along the horizon. It’s there for a glorious moment, and then POOF… It’s gone. George Bernard Shaw’s advice rings true as a warning to millions of people. Life is meant to be lived – so please do yourself the biggest favour: LIVE IT! Mr Shaw lived a glorious and illustrious life – impressive enough that he won a Nobel Prize in Literature for his work. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and maybe, let’s stop and think, and take heed to his sage words.

To prevent you from wasting precious decades of your life, wishing that you lived life differently while you still had your youth, we’ve compiled a list of the most pertinent things that your older self is begging for you to know TODAY. No matter what your age is, this book will be useful to you, because it is never too late to become the best version of yourself. The book consists of seven chapters: Health, People, Love, Wealth, Living, Warnings and Self. And in this first chapter, we’ll focus on health […]

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In this book, you’ll save yourself from a lifetime of regret by learning the 70 most important lessons that the older version of you is desperate for you to know today.

Having interviewed several people above the age of 70, we’ve extracted the most pertinent advice on how life ought to be lived.

We’ll explore seven key areas that deserved your attention: Health, People, Love, Wealth, Living, Warnings, and Self.

Every chapter is teeming with lots of illustrations, stories, poetry and engaging content. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy learning the “70 Things Your 70-Year-Old Self Wants You To Know.”

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“70 Things Your 70-Year-Old-Self Wants You To Know” is packed with over 70 carefully crafted illustrations (see below). Our illustrations tend to be of a light-hearted, humorous yet informative nature — matching the style of writing and the content of our best-selling audio courses.


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The audio course, “70 Things Your 70-Year-Old Self Wants You To Know”, was first broadcast on Listenable, where it became a best-selling production, the top trending course, and the most popular course out of over 500 on the platform. It has since been adapted and distributed to other platforms such as Knowable, Omnicourse, Alpe Audio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Anchor.

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Discover the areas where you might be neglecting your health to the detriment of your older self.

Learn the key lessons in how to handle people and better get to know yourself in the process.

Love makes the world go round. From family to relationships, explore life’s most important lessons on love.

Key lessons on wealth and prosperity.

Explore better ways to live life to the fullest.

Don’t fall into the pitfalls that make life harder. In this lesson, explore how to live life right.

All progress starts with you. Explore the areas that deserve your attention in order for you to reach your best!

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