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About MindCups

MindCups is a platform created by Quincy Washington Productions, offering uplifting, educational, and inspiring content in areas such as personal development, healthy living, self-care, money, life skills, relationships, productivity, communication, and success. Our books and audio courses have received acclaim, with each of them exploring life's most complex topics with thorough research and discussion, with a dash of levity and humour.

Our first title, ``70 Things Your 70-Year-Old-Self Wants You To Know,`` received widespread acclaim on Listenable , becoming a top-selling audio course on the platform. Thereafter, we release 30 Mistakes You Need To Stop Making In An Argument, and expanded our distribution to platforms such as Knowable, Alpe Audio, Omnicourse, Spotify, Appe Podcasts and Anchor.

Our two latest titles, ``10 Things To Remember If You Feeling Like Giving Up`` and `` 21 Ways You're Loving Wrong``, join this series, and each titlle has now been adapted into a book. Our MindCups' books and audio courses strive to not only educate but to entertain. The content of each course is packed with thought-provoking illustrations, interesting facts and stats, powerful quotes, and colourful story-telling to keep the audience engaged from start to finish. Enjoy!


``MindCups is an excellent resource for those looking into self-development with a mixture of comedy and light-hearted story-telling. I loved it!``

Mara Thomas

``The MindCups Audio Courses have been crucial in guiding me in key areas of personal development. I found the stories thought-provoking and, at times, funny. I would highly recommend MindCups to others.``

Hannah Walters

``This series went a great deal to help with my conflict resolution strategies. It's a real treasure to learn from.``

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